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2016 – News Releases Archive

Todd Sternfeld Debuts the Colorado Cool – a Towable Tiny Home Designed for Those Who Like the Permanence of a Tiny Home with Ease of Relocation

EULESS, TexasAugust 5, 2016 – When Todd Sternfeld, CEO and owner of Superior Concrete Products makes up his mind to pursue a goal, nothing stops him.

Todd Sternfeld, CEO of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses, puts the Finishing Touches on the Colorado Cool, the nation’s first towable precast concrete tiny house.

And, so it is with his new company – Superior Concrete Tiny Houses (SCTH), which started earlier this year. Inspired by Superior Concrete Products, the well-known producer of decorative precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, SCTH will focus on building tiny homes and other modular buildings and structures.


The father of four daughters, Sternfeld realized that millennials and others are purchasing tiny houses in increasing numbers, and with thirty years of experience in modular prefab construction, he knew his modular steel-reinforced precast concrete fence panels were the perfect material to use in the building of tiny homes.

Clad in a Superior Brick™, the company’s maintenance-free precast concrete panels, the first tiny home SCTH built was a 600-square-foot two-bedroom rustic ranch style house, dubbed the Cleburne Ranchette™. Filled with deluxe amenities such as granite countertops, full-size stainless steel appliances, and a full-size bathroom, the Ranchette epitomizes the look and feel of well-appointed Western-themed home, perfect for singles, young couples, empty nesters or people looking for a weekend retreat in the country. In fact, the company’s craftsmanship and design expertise, was recently recognized by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA). The organization named Superior Concrete Products the 2016 first place winner of the Creative Use of Precast Concrete (CUP Award) in the Above Ground Category for the Ranchette in March 2016.

“People of all ages love tiny houses,” said Sternfeld. “They provide an attractive and affordable solution for those who want to own a home, but don’t want to go obligate themselves to a big mortgage. And, let’s face it, no one likes to spend good money on something that depreciates and deteriorates within a few short years.”

“When manufactured correctly, precast concrete is an extremely attractive and versatile product. Crafted to look like wood, stucco, brick or stone, the Superior Concrete team infuses tinted pigments during the production process, so there is no need to paint or stain the outside walls of one of our precast tiny homes – ever, unless you elect to change the color. Better yet, with steel reinforced concrete, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses are designed to be safe and strong, outlasting any stick-built home on the market,” he added.


Since the completion of the Ranchette, the Superior team has been moving fast, building one home after another. While the Ranchette was constructed on an engineered concrete foundation, the second tiny home – the Chisholm Trail Cabin is a convertible model that was built on a strong steel frame, giving this tiny home ease of portability. With an exterior structure made of Superior Wood™, a precast concrete product that duplicates the look of rough-cut cedar siding, the 375-square-feet, two-bedroom cabin was designed as a park model. This design enables tiny house enthusiasts to put wheels on the axles and move their tiny home to a new location, if they desire. The Chisholm Trail can also be constructed on a fixed concrete foundation should the owner prefer to establish permanent residence on a piece of land.


The newest home in the SCTH line-up is the 200-square-foot, one-bedroom Colorado Cool. Built on a rugged goose-neck trailer, “The Cool” gives tiny home enthusiasts the option of parking this residence permanently, or hooking it up to a truck for travel. By their nature, tiny homes are not meant to be travel trailers. However, some tiny home enthusiasts enjoy the freedom of the road, so the Colorado Cool gives these free spirits the flexibility of a permanently parked home, or the ability to take their home with them should they decide to move.

“Colorado Cool is unique,” said Sternfeld. “We know of no other tiny home builder who has created a home like this one. This structure of this tiny home is maintenance-free Superior Brick™, and we’ve put every luxury we could incorporate into 200-square-feet of living space. Not only is this home energy efficient, but it is decorated in a sophisticated and care-free industrial style. We used cool muted tones of soft white, gray and blue combined with stainless steel appliances and textured metal cabinetry throughout the home to give a restful, but edgy contemporary feel.”

“This tiny house also features wood laminate flooring, paneling, marble countertops, mosaic tile, a full-size shower with curved glass doors, a utility room with a Dometic washer/dryer combo unit, hidden storage under the stairs, even a cedar-lined closet in the Great Room. And, this unit even includes a 40-square-foot outdoor living space configured as a private deck marking the entrance leading up to the front door. Truly, this home has it all,” he added.


The recently completed Colorado Cool will be debuted during the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado which starts on Friday, Aug. 5. Lasting through Sunday, Aug. 7, the Second Annual Tiny House Jamboree is a gathering of like-minded tiny house devotees who want to learn the latest building innovations as well as view this year’s collection of tiny homes. The event drew more than 40,000 visitors in 2015, and this year the Jamboree is expected to attract an even larger crowd.

This year, the event will be held on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy Campus, close to Falcon Stadium. The gates open at 9 a.m. and close each evening at 6:00 p.m.

An affiliate of Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer and nationwide installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses launched these cutting edge new homes in January 2016 when Sternfeld and his team recycled some concrete panels to construct the company’s first tiny house. Created and built out of the company’s proprietary line of precast concrete fence panels, the Colorado Cool was built on the company’s property in Euless, Texas.


To learn more about Superior Concrete Tiny Houses or Superior Concrete Products, or any of the company’s other state-of-the-art line of fence and retaining wall merchandise, phone 817-277-9255 or visit and Information is also available through social media channels.

Todd Sternfeld Honored for the Creation of the Tiny House Precast Ranchette

Oftentimes good things come in small sizes, and this is certainly true in the case of the precast Superior Ranchette™, a rustic tiny ranch house designed by Todd Sternfeld’s team at Superior Concrete Products. In recognition of the company’s hard work, the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) has named Superior Concrete Products the 2016 first place winner of the Creative Use of Precast Concrete (CUP Award) in the Above Ground Category for the Superior Ranchette.

A Texas-based manufacturer and nationwide installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, Superior Concrete Products created and built the innovative new home out of the company’s proprietary line of precast concrete fence panels and other products on the company’s property near the newly opened Chisolm Trail Parkway in Cleburne, Texas.

The CUP Award was presented during a special recognition luncheon at the 2016 National Precast Concrete Association tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, March 3rd, at 1 p.m. NPCA chairman Andy Weiser presented the award to the Superior Concrete Products CEO and founder Todd Sternfeld, and Raul Rodriguez, the company’s vice president of manufacturing.

As part of the largest trade show dedicated to the precast concrete industry in North America, CUP Awards have been highly coveted by industry professionals since the NCPA recognition program was started in 2004. After the awards committee evaluated the various entries, NPCA president Ty Gable said, “The Superior Concrete Products entry captures the imagination. The Ranchette very clearly shows the amazing versatility of precast concrete. The judges were impressed not only with the beauty of the structures, but also with the technical design and how the display demonstrates the ability of precast concrete to emulate the look of other materials.”

Using precast concrete molded to resemble brick and other traditional finishes, the Ranchette showcases the diversity among the product lines manufactured by Superior Concrete Products, while also demonstrating the adaptability and novel uses of concrete as a building material. “Building the Ranchette was a group effort,” said Sternfeld. “I’ve always believed that our products could be used in a variety of creative ways, and the CUP Award is proof of what happens when you combine a versatile product with the great people that work at Superior Concrete Products.”

A scalable and customizable prototype, the Superior Ranchette is a 600 square-foot ranch house that offers all the sophisticated features of a full-sized two-bedroom home – complete with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. “While we built the house in a rustic ranch style design, the home could be of any size or architectural finish,” said Sternfeld. “Our goal was to build the Ranchette to demonstrate the various looks and finishes of the modular precast concrete products that we manufacture. Using a green-build approach, we recycled surplus materials to showcase the versatility of our product line. We are deeply pleased to win this award, but also want to thank the members of our industry for taking notice of the work created by the Superior Concrete Products staff.”

The exterior of the Ranchette is composed of Superior Brick™ fence panels which has been hand-tinted to resemble the warm weathered look of aged masonry. The posts supporting the roof of the front porch are Superior Stone Columns™ designed to look remarkably like water carved river rocks. The home’s interior has utilized Superior Wood Plus™ and precast fence panels to accent the interior of the house.

Naturally, no ranch house would be complete without a fence, and the Ranchette has two. A six-foot tall Superior Cobblestone™ privacy fence duplicates the look of stacked stone, and is trimmed with the decorative Superior Lattice, a one-foot tall precast product that simulates the hand-crafted appearance of a wood trellis sitting atop the precast cobblestone. The privacy fence gives an attractive backdrop for the home’s patio – shielding the house from the late afternoon sun, while providing a welcome retreat for evening cookouts and friendly gatherings. Additional applications incorporated into the hardscape utilize Superior Rail™ and Superior Fence Caps for parking, patio and walkway paths.

The Superior Rail and post fence is strong and beautiful, tricking a trained eye with its deep rugged woodgrain molded texture. Superior 3 Rail™ (4’ high) was used to build a sturdy livestock corral, while other areas of the property used Superior 2 Rail™ (3’ high) as a decorative accent to frame the front of the Ranchette and walkway around the house. Other products were used as trim and for additional accent pieces, complementing the exterior landscape design.

Strategically located in the middle of the country, Superior Concrete Products designs, engineers, manufactures, ships and installs products across the continent from the company’s NPCA certified plant in North Texas. “Since we are based in the Southwest, I naturally have a soft spot for cowboys and horses, so it just made sense to build a ranch with products made in our own factory,” said Sternfeld. “We are constantly working on product development and experimenting with new decorative finishes and textures. The Ranchette shows that precast concrete can be a sophisticated, affordable and versatile alternative to traditional building materials when you look at home design with a creative and imaginative eye. Plus, no other building material is as strong and durable as concrete.”

Todd Sternfeld Uses Precast Concrete Fence Panels to Build a Rustic Mini-Ranchette

EULESS, Texas – Feb. 09, 2016 – Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer and installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, is unveiling an innovative new concept in home design during the 2016 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. Called the Superior Ranchette™, the customizable home is a 600 square-foot tiny house constructed primarily of precast concrete fence panels molded to resemble brick and other traditional surfaces. When finished, the precast house offers the sophisticated features of a full-sized two-bedroom home, complete with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. And, being a ranch, the house comes with an oversized front porch and a livestock corral. Yet, despite all of these amenities, the Superior Ranchette has a surprisingly small footprint.

When it comes to home design, the Ranchette demonstrates the versatility of precast concrete as a building medium, while showcasing the depth and breadth of Superior Concrete Products line of merchandise. According to Sternfeld, all of the concrete used in the project was manufactured at the company’s NPCA certified plant in Texas.

“I’m a cowboy at heart, and the Ranchette is both rustic and comfortable — a perfect way to demonstrate the practicality of precast concrete panel construction,” said Sternfeld. “When it comes to home design, people forget that concrete can be a beautiful, affordable and versatile alternative to traditional building materials, plus it goes without saying that it is much more durable.”

According to Sternfeld, the company incorporated many of the company’s products into the design of the house and into the surrounding property. For instance, the posts supporting the roof on the front porch are Superior Stone Columns™. The outside of the house is made up of Superior Brick™ fence panels that have been hand-tinted to a warm weathered stone color. The home’s interior is made of a deep earth-toned Superior Stucco™ fence panels that resemble the smooth textured feel of hand-troweled adobe.

The outside of the Ranchette has a tall Superior Cobblestone™ privacy fence which looks like stacked stone trimmed in Superior Lattice surrounding the home’s patio for those afternoon cookouts. Superior Rail™, which looks remarkably like real wood rails, was used to build a corral for the livestock, and to create a rustic walkway. Other Superior products were used as trim and for other accent pieces to complete the Ranchette’s design.

To learn more about Superior Concrete Products, the precast concrete Ranchette, or any of the company’s other innovative line of fence and retaining wall merchandise, phone 817-277-9255 or visit Todd Sternfeld and members of the company’s sales team will be in the Superior Concrete Products’ booth #DX32 located in the Farm Credit Dairy Center Building of the 2016 World Ag Expo.

Decorative Precast Fencing Pioneer Todd Sternfeld Attends 33rd Consecutive Tradeshow

EULESS, Texas – Feb. 2, 2016 – Thirty years is a long time in the construction business, and Todd Sternfeld, the CEO of Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer and installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, has learned a thing or two about fences. Today, with the start of the 2016 World of Concrete Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Superior Concrete Products is celebrating thirty years in business, and this marks the 33rd consecutive time that Sternfeld has attended the event.

Starting out in the landscaping business, Sternfeld was tasked with patching and repairing a lot of worn out fences. Seeing those battered fences frustrated him, and he set out to find a better solution to wood, vinyl, metal and masonry. Sternfeld’s search led to precast concrete: the most durable and malleable – if properly engineered – building material known to man.

“Back in the day, concrete fencing held all the charm of a military bunker. The fences were either thick and solid, or poorly engineered stamped walls that cracked and began to lean within a few short years after they were built,”

said Sternfeld. “It took some time and effort, but we perfected the process that allowed our Superior fences to be molded, colored and textured into the beautiful natural finishes that rival the look of wood, stone, brick or stucco that you see today. And, not only are our fences beautiful, but they are strong. With our proprietary pillar and post construction design, we’ve had fences that have weathered tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, because they flex in the face of adverse conditions, yet stand firm.”

Available in a variety of popular textures, the company’s product line currently includes Superior Brick™, Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, Superior Ledgestone™, Superior Rail™, Superior Stucco™, and Superior Wood Plus™ all of which provide the realistic finish of the fence that their name suggests. Specializing in customized colors and finishes, Superior Concrete Products can build fences up to 30-feet in height that will complement any décor or job specification.

In addition to fences, the company manufactures decorative Superior Stone Columns™ and heavy-duty commercial grade ReCon™ Retaining Wall blocks. And, the company’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Sternfeld has used fence panels to construct buildings, which has spawned a new product line — Superior Buildings. The company also introduced a ballistics fence that was created through the development of a proprietary process that makes its products resistant to close-range rifle fire. In addition to ballistics defense, Superior Concrete Products also engineers and installs gates and security systems for customers who need added protection for their property.

Radio Hosts Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner Interview the CEO of Superior Concrete Products on a New Business-Themed Show Featuring Entrepreneurs

EULESS, Texas – Jan. 19, 2016 – Todd Sternfeld, the CEO of Superior Concrete Products, a North-Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence and barrier products, is being featured on a new, cutting-edge radio program focusing on North Texas entrepreneurs. Called “The Next Level – Conversations That Propel Business,” the show highlighting Sternfeld airs on KAAM AM 770 Legends radio in the Dallas-Fort Worth market on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. (Central Time).

Hosted by entrepreneurs Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons, The Next Level features business owners discussing what it takes to successfully grow their businesses. Sternfeld talks about pioneering a new industry and running Superior Concrete Products, a company that makes unique decorative concrete fences and barriers which duplicate the natural look of wood, stone or masonry finishes.

“Anyone that owns a business or has the desire to be an entrepreneur will understand the challenges and rewards that come with building a company,” said Sternfeld. “For more than 30 years, I’ve been passionate about creating and running a concrete business that makes the best fences money can buy.”

“Before the 1980s, precast fences were plain, even ugly and oftentimes poorly made. To be successful, I had to prove that concrete could be molded, colored and customized into a wide variety of natural finishes that were strong, attractive and engineered to last. I’m proud of the accomplishments that the Superior Concrete Products team have made, and appreciate the opportunity to share these lessons with The Next Level listeners,” Sternfeld added.

“Our program is an open dialogue with seasoned business owners throughout the DFW market,” said co-host Steven Neuner, founder and CEO of Alkali, LLC, a Plano-based employee benefits and insurance agency. “We want to expose our listeners to the wisdom shared by these entrepreneurs as they grow and expand their business.”

Bob Gibbons, co-host and founder of REATA Commercial Realty, Inc., a corporate real estate advisory firm based in Plano, Texas, continued, “our goal is to facilitate fun and meaningful conversations that give listeners an opportunity to learn, experience and share the experiences that our guests have used to take their businesses, families, and communities to the next level.”

Copies of the January 19th show and a video clip are archived, and can be heard or viewed directly from The Next Level Website – To learn more about Superior Concrete Products and the company’s line of fence and barrier products, phone 817-277-9255 or visit

The Next Level:
Airing on KAAM –AM 770 Legends radio, The Next Level is a radio program focused on successful North Texas entrepreneurs, and how they grow their businesses. Hosted by insurance executive, Steven Neuner, and real estate expert, Bob Gibbons, The Next Level takes listeners behind the scenes to hear the secrets that savvy business owners use to help their companies thrive. To learn more about The Next Level, visit