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Prefabricados Maran SRL of Bolivia


Business Systems Licensing, Home Development and Screening Wall

The Challenges:

After visiting with us and seeing our concrete products, factory, and building systems, visionary entrepreneur and civil engineer Rony Marancenbaum Alpire realized the potential for manufacturing precast concrete products in Bolivia. He and his partner/brother Teddy could see the applications were endless, from what we were already doing in America, to building prefabricated homes, warehouses, and factory enclosures.

The Bolivian market isn’t always receptive to change. New materials create skepticism about changing building systems and educating the labor force on using the new materials.

The Solutions:

Superior’s affiliate, NewTech Precast Molding licensed the molding equipment, manufacturing processes and business systems to Prefabricados Maran SRL in Bolivia. They are now operating in a similar capacity to Superior Concrete Products, with the ability to manufacture, distribute, and construct projects from precast concrete.

Though people are initially skeptical and the market is resistant to quick change, the brothers are seeing a positive reception. Civil engineers and architects love the product and design. They know that the modular construction and easier building processes are going to enable them to build more cost-effectively than ever before. Bolivia is windy (like Texas), and the engineers also see that these materials are more wind resistant and structurally sound than traditional Bolivian building materials. The material is relatively light and can be handled by smaller construction crews, without requiring a forklift.


Rony and his brother are engaged in several projects:

Project 1: Prefabricated Home

They have built a prototype prefabricated home for low income people and have pitched it to a land developer. The developer was so impressed with the sturdiness of the home and the expedience of construction with precast concrete that he’s in the process of securing a huge loan in order to build an entire development made from NewTech Precast Molds.

Project 2: Concrete Factory Warehouse

Since will be building prefabricated concrete, the first thing they would need is a warehouse. Rony says that using the manufacturing and building processes they were taught by Superior CEO Todd Sternfeld, they assembled a small warehouse in just 1 week – that’s including electrical wiring and plumbing! They said the cost of assembly was substantially less than with any other material they could have used, and the quality of construction was more sturdy than just about every other alternative.

Project 3: Egg Pasteurization Factory Enclosure Wall

Avicola Rolon is an egg pasteurization company. They have hundreds of thousands of egg-laying chickens. The company separates the eggs and pasteurizes them for retail sale. Rony and his brother have already built several enclosures with our product, but this is one of the largest projects. The factory required a big enclosure wall completely encircling the factory that would keep all of the sounds in and away from nearby homes and businesses.

This wall was built within weeks and at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar wall. The modular design made construction quick and simple, without the imperfections of working with bricks or stones. It has been an effective sound barrier, and has had no problems with settling after construction.