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Superior Concrete Products Celebrates 30 Years At World Of Concrete

Decorative Precast Fencing Pioneer Todd Sternfeld Attends 33rd Consecutive Tradeshow

EULESS, Texas – Feb. 2, 2016 – Thirty years is a long time in the construction business, and Todd Sternfeld, the CEO of Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer and installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, has learned a thing or two about fences. Today, with the start of the 2016 World of Concrete Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Superior Concrete Products is celebrating thirty years in business, and this marks the 33rd consecutive time that Sternfeld has attended the event.

Starting out in the landscaping business, Sternfeld was tasked with patching and repairing a lot of worn out fences. Seeing those battered fences frustrated him, and he set out to find a better solution to wood, vinyl, metal and masonry. Sternfeld’s search led to precast concrete: the most durable and malleable – if properly engineered – building material known to man.

“Back in the day, concrete fencing held all the charm of a military bunker. The fences were either thick and solid, or poorly engineered stamped walls that cracked and began to lean within a few short years after they were built,”

said Sternfeld. “It took some time and effort, but we perfected the process that allowed our Superior fences to be molded, colored and textured into the beautiful natural finishes that rival the look of wood, stone, brick or stucco that you see today. And, not only are our fences beautiful, but they are strong. With our proprietary pillar and post construction design, we’ve had fences that have weathered tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, because they flex in the face of adverse conditions, yet stand firm.”

Available in a variety of popular textures, the company’s product line currently includes Superior Brick™, Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, Superior Ledgestone™, Superior Rail™, Superior Stucco™, and Superior Wood Plus™ all of which provide the realistic finish of the fence that their name suggests. Specializing in customized colors and finishes, Superior Concrete Products can build fences up to 30-feet in height that will complement any décor or job specification.

In addition to fences, the company manufactures decorative Superior Stone Columns™ and heavy-duty commercial grade ReCon™ Retaining Wall blocks. And, the company’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Sternfeld has used fence panels to construct buildings, which has spawned a new product line — Superior Buildings. The company also introduced a ballistics fence that was created through the development of a proprietary process that makes its products resistant to close-range rifle fire. In addition to ballistics defense, Superior Concrete Products also engineers and installs gates and security systems for customers who need added protection for their property.