Superior Concrete

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Superior Products

Fences, Gates & Sound Barrier Solutions

Superior Concrete Products’ decorative precast concrete fence products satisfy customer’s requirements for a high quality, cost-effective and maintenance-free fence, screening wall or sound barrier. Each consists of integrally colored precast concrete panels, posts and caps having a unique texture on both sides. The fence provides seamless beauty with the ability to withstand wind, soil and seismic movements. Choose a product on the right→.

Superior & Recon Retaining Walls

The Superior size and mass of our product, the tight fit between panels, and lack of gaps make this a more ideal product for what retaining walls do – a job that brick and stone ultimately fail to do. Our blocks can be customized to match the design and aesthetics of your property or project. They’re designed to be built up to 22 feet high without a reinforcing geogrid, and up to 36 foot high with geogrid. Once you’ve built retaining walls with Superior Recon blocks, you’ll never go back to the compromises of brick or stone products. More information.

Superior Buildings

Superior Concrete Products’ Superior Wood™, Superior Brick™ and Superior Stone™ building systems enable you to build structurally sound buildings in a fraction of the time and expense it would take to use conventional building materials. Our materials are being used to construct barns, warehouses, sheds, and even residential housing. More information.