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Recon™ Retaining Walls

Recon Retaining Walls are engineered and tested
to install faster than brick or stone walls.


The Superior size and mass of our product, the tight fit between blocks, and lack of gaps make this a more ideal product for what retaining walls do – a job that brick and stone ultimately fail to do. Our blocks can be customized to match the design and aesthetics of your property or project. They’re designed to be built in what we call “tall gravity walls” – up to 22 feet without a reinforcing geogrid, and up to 36 feet with geogrid. Once you’ve built retaining walls with Recon blocks, you’ll never go back to the compromises of brick or stone products.

Features & Benefits
  • Large size and mass
  • Gravity walls — up to 22’ without reinforcing geogrid
  • Reinforced walls — up to 36’ with geogrid
  • Durable
  • Faster installation — no mortar, no pins
  • Engineered and tested
  • Customized design and aesthetics
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Block Specifications

Block Face: 5.33 sq. ft. or 48 inches x 16

Available Depth: 24”, 39”, 45”, or 60”

Mass: 1,000 to 3,000 pounds per block

Concrete: Minimum of 4,000 psi

Lifting Device: Lifting insert loop

Turning Radius: Approximately 15 feet (varies with wall height)

Retaining Wall Batter: 3.6 degrees automatically built into the system. Can be adjusted to 7.2 degrees with the use of field-installed spacers.

Quality Standards: Manufactured in a NPCA certified factory.