Superior Concrete

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Superior Fence™

Superior Fence™ offers the natural, comforting look and texture of traditional cedar in precast concrete. Ideal for residential or commercial use, this attractive wall adds value and curb appeal around any property, and can last a lifetime.

The Look of Wood with Superior Strength

Superior Fence™ panels are set 7 feet 7 inches on-center from post to post and are made of high-strength reinforced concrete with wood texture on both sides.

Superior Fence™ is ideal for residential or commercial by adding value and curb appeal.
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  • Texture

    Cedar Both sides

  • Height

    6’ to 8’ Vertical

  • Post

    7’ 7″ between

  • Alignment

    Horizontal & Vertical

  • Color


  • Maintenance

    Little to none

  • Engineered

    Built to spec

  • Heavy Equipment

    Not required

  • Soil Conditions

    Geo Considerations

  • Attractive

    Beautiful appearance