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Superior Ledgestone™

Our signature fence product, Superior Ledgestone™ provides the warmth and feel of a true hand-laid stacked stone fence. It features details that capture the essence of masonry craftsmanship and will enhance your project with a classic, elegant tone.

Superior Fence-building Versatility

Superior Ledgestone™ fences can be installed in heights up to 30’ and is set 5 feet on-center from post to post. The system is ideal for any type of fence or screening wall project, and is popular for both commercial and residential purposes.

Superior Ledgestone™ can be installed to heights up to 30’.
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  • Texture

    Stone Both sides

  • Height

    1’ to 30’

  • Post

    5’ between

  • Alignment

    Horizontal & Vertical

  • Color


  • Maintenance

    Little to none

  • Engineered

    Built to spec

  • Heavy Equipment

    Not required

  • Soil Conditions

    Geo Considerations

  • Attractive

    Beautiful appearance