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Superior Rail™

Superior Rail™ is a unique and reliable rail fence system, manufactured with durable, reinforced precast concrete.
This fence’s beautiful design will enhance your surroundings, while maintaining its natural-looking wood texture for decades to come.

Superior Strength. Superior Resistance. Superior Value.

The Superior Rail™ fence is strong enough to safely surround large livestock and endure the ravages of nature.
Concrete fencing eliminates the usual quick deterioration and aging of wood due to exposure to the elements, as well as damage caused by termites and other wood-eating insects and critters.
This heavy-duty system outlasts traditional wood, wire or metal fencing, preventing costly maintenance and replacements – while adding enduring value to your property.

Superior Rail™ is a split rail fence system with a rich and natural-looking wood texture, manufactured in reinforced precast concrete
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  • Texture

    Wood Both sides

  • Height

    3’ to 5’ (2-4 rail)

  • Post

    8’ between

  • Alignment

    Horizontal or Vertical

  • Color


  • Maintenance

    Little to none

  • Engineered

    Built to spec

  • Heavy Equipment

    Not required

  • Soil Conditions

    Geo Considerations

  • Attractive

    Beautiful appearance