Superior Concrete

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Who We Are

Superior Concrete Products is a premier, full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-Certified precast concrete building systems.

Our building systems are used in a wide variety of applications, nationwide and around the world. We manufacture and install screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, highway walls, and more. Each product has the rich look and feel of stone, brick, stucco, or wood, with a level of reliability and durability traditional materials can’t match.


Superior Concrete products are manufactured in molds in our Cleburne factory, and then shipped to your site for installation. With our modular design, each product has its own unique features.

On site, Superior Concrete products require fewer skilled trades, and projects can be completed quickly, making us the obvious choice when cost-effectiveness is priority #1. Our products are strong and durable, and our workmanship lasts for decades, requiring virtually no maintenance.

Superior Concrete Products are engineered and
designed to be
a cost-effective building solution.