Superior Concrete

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Government Procurement

Superior Concrete Products works with every level of government. We work on municipal projects, city projects, and on federal facilities. We have installed walls, fences, and security barriers at military bases including Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and Fort Campbell. We also work with the government-owned utility sector, installing enclosures, walls, fences, and gates at substations.


Why Leaders in Government Procurement
Choose Superior Concrete Products:
  1. We customize or custom-design building systems to meet specific requirements.
  2. Modular construction makes our products more cost-effective.
  3. Our products satisfy the requirements of local building ordinances.
  4. We meet stringent requirements for wind load, soil conditions, and wall height.
  5. We can help you satisfy the concerns of city councils, zoning, and planning boards.

  • No Maintenance
  • Custom
  • Security & Safety