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Precast Solutions – Summer 2016 CUP Awards Winners

Above Ground Category

1st Place

Superior Concrete Products – Cleburne, Texas
Cleburne Precast Ranch Home

What is the most effective way for a precaster to showcase the versatility of its products? That’s the question Todd Sternfeld, owner of Superior Concrete Products, faced when he decided to create a ranchette from two existing building on the property of his manufacturing facility in Cleburne, Texas. The results of his efforts are a 600-square-foot rustic home and 150-square-foot shed that serve as a one-of-a-kind showroom. And, because Superior Concrete is located in Texas, no ranchette would be complete without a horse corral – completely enclosed with precast rail fencing.

The project showcases a major advantage of precast concrete and its ability to mimic the look of other materials while saving time, money and promising little or no maintenance. Using only in-house design, labor and materials, Sternfeld and his team completed the project in less than five months. This included a green approach of using 100% of the products from overruns and materials deemed “unusable” due to minor defects. Instead of parking these unwanted products in the boneyard, the team transformed them through the creative use of stains and paint.

While Superior Concrete is known primarily as a full-service precast concrete fencing manufacturer and contract, the ranchette broadens that perception by a considerable margin. The house includes: faux Superior brick precast fence panels for building exteriors, Superior precast stucco fence panels for the home’s interior and Superior precast concrete columns as accents. Wood rail precast fencing is used for the horse corral and entrance and Superior precast rails are used for the patio and sidewalk. Superior precast fence panel caps are used in the parking lot to simulate railroad ties, and a privacy fence is made of Superior precast cobblestone with a decorative concrete wood-grain lattice trim.

“My goal was to build a prototype ranch complex showcasing the creative and unique uses of our modular precast fence components,” Sternfeld said. “Our products can be used for so much more than fencing. The ranchette successfully demonstrates the cost-effectiveness and versatility of using precast concrete in the construction of small houses, buildings and other projects.”