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Superior Concrete

Superior Modular Buildings and Stables


Who We Are - buildings
Buildings made with Superior Concrete Products steel-reinforced modular concrete panels are  strong and durable.

Superior Design and Craftsmanship

Buildings constructed with Superior Concrete Products modular systems are structurally sound and can be erected in a fraction of the time and expense it takes when using conventional materials. Our steel-reinforced concrete posts and panels can be used to erect barns, dumpster enclosures, storage buildings, houses, office buildings, sheds, stables, utility buildings, warehouses and more.


The durable post and panel construction of the typical modular precast building make it an excellent alternative to sheet metal, wood or masonry barns. The concrete acts as a natural insulator again temperature extremes, and its attractive interior finish looks the same on the outside without the added cost of adding paneling or sheet-rock or other materials.

Modular Storage Building
Storage Buildings

Why purchase one of those flimsy vinyl or sheet metal storage buildings. They leak, and the wind blows them right over. A Superior Concrete Products Storage Building is rock solid. It won’t blow over during a storm, and better yet, all of your valuables are protected from weather damage.

Modular Office Building
Commercial Buildings

Similar to housing, the straight symmetrical lines typically found in most commercial buildings will work well for modular construction projects. With the flexibility to size up or size down, the fast build times that characterize Superior Concrete Products modular construction make this ideal for constructing commercial buildings of all sizes.


Smaller than a storage building, sheds typically house lawn and garden equipment. The solid structure of a Superior Concrete Products Shed gives you peace of mind knowing that expensive lawn mowers and other equipment is protected by a strong wall of solid precast concrete.


Farmers and ranchers like Superior Concrete Products Stables because precast concrete makes an excellent shelter for their horses and livestock. The self-insulating nature of precast concrete means that horses and cows stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. And, the precast stables are also easier to keep clean. Not to mention that they last longer than other types of construction. Better yet, they are almost maintenance free.

Residential Buildings

By their nature, residential buildings such as apartments and condos are large rectangular-shaped buildings with lots of walls dividing the space into individual housing units. The scalable nature of modular construction combined with minimal maintenance requirements, strong structure, and the durable precast concrete exterior make Superior Concrete Products fence panels an ideal building solution for construction managers looking for inexpensive residential housing space that is cost-effective and fast to build.


Sometimes you just need more space for an extra truck or car, or additional storage for those seasonal holiday decorations and camping gear. Protect your prize possessions with a Superior Concrete Garage. A solid wall of steel-reinforced precast concrete keeps your belongings safe and dry while preventing damage from wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow or the hot sun. Best of all, no costly maintenance is required.


Nothing could be more secure and stable than precast concrete. Superior Concrete Products modular panels are a popular housing choice with individuals outside of the United States. And, as people inside the U.S. are learning about building homes out of concrete, its popularity is growing. People appreciate the strength and durability of concrete compared to traditional building materials, and the fact that the shell of the home isn’t flammable. In addition, concrete is self-insulating, more quiet than other homes, with lower utility and insurance premiums makes living in a concrete home compelling.

Superior Concrete Products modular posts and panels are used to construct barns, dumpster enclosures, storage buildings, houses, office buildings, sheds, stables, utility buildings, warehouses and more.

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Superior Modular Buildings & Stables Features
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