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Superior Concrete

2014 – News Release Archive

Superior Concrete Products Introduces an Industry First Superior Ballistics – an Exclusive Process That Transforms Security Fencing

Reinforced Precast Concrete Protects Vulnerable Equipment, Infrastructure Projects and Personnel from Sniper Bullets

Superior Concrete Products, a North-Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence and barrier products, announces Superior Ballistics, an exclusive product enhancement that strengthens and reinforces fencing for use by electric and gas utility substations, business owners and other security-minded consumers. This new proprietary feature doubles the strength of Superior Concrete Products (SCP) solid barrier and fence panels, making them impervious to close-range fire from high caliber ammunition.

“Today, security is an issue for many businesses, and protecting valuable equipment and personnel is a major concern — especially for utility companies,” said Todd Sternfeld, founder and president of Superior Concrete Products. “With recent attacks on electrical substations in California and Arizona, protecting the nation’s power grid is a top priority for utility executives and government officials. And, at SCP, we recognized that the time had come to develop a new type of security fencing – one that fit seamlessly into the environment, yet engineered and designed to withstand the force of close-range fire arms without looking like a military bunker.”

With custom finishes that take on the appearance of ledgestone, brick, or the deep woodgrain look of board-on-board or other traditional type of fencing textures, the Superior Ballistics membrane significantly reinforces and strengthens the precast concrete panels, making for a heavier, more bullet-resistant fence. Based on appearance alone, a ballistics enhanced panel looks similar to the company’s line of attractive Superior Brick™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Stucco™, or other solid fencing and barrier products. However, the proprietary process that SCP uses to encase the ballistic-resistant barrier within precast
concrete makes the difference.

Prior to launching Superior Ballistics, SCP subjected the new barrier to rigorous testing at a U.S.-based independent laboratory. Standing a mere 30-feet from the test sample, an experienced testing facility fired a .308 Winchester caliber round from a high-powered rifle directly into a section of the reinforced Superior Fence panel. And, while the fence sustained damage, the bullet was unable to punch a hole through the fence – even at close range.

In view of the sniper attacks on power generating equipment and other security threats, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a think-tank for Congress, urged lawmakers to take action. In June 2014, the CRS recommended that regulations be put in force to require greater physical security around electrical substations. And, under a new rule adopted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday, Nov. 20, power companies nationwide must identify key installations that could may cause blackouts or power outages. These utilities must put defenses in place to safeguard these facilities by 2016.

“Superior Concrete Products provides an affordable and safe option that can help utilities comply with the mandates issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,” noted Sternfeld. “Utility companies across the country have chosen Superior Concrete Products to protect and screen electrical transformers because of the product’s strength, affordability and low-maintenance design. As a leader in developing new products and cutting-edge innovative applications, Superior Concrete offers an attractive precast concrete fence that is bullet resistant and can be customized to the exact size, color and texture needed by the customer regardless whether the project is for an industrial installation or the residential market.”

Texas Company Develops New Version of Precast Fence Product to Secure U.S. Electric Grid
Superior Concrete Products, Inc., a North Texas-based company, reinforces its exclusive precast concrete Superior Fence™ product and passes an independent ballistic laboratory test affirming the material is bullet resistant when fired upon with .308 caliber FMJ 7.62 NATO ammunition. Utility companies across the country use Superior Fence™ to protect electrical transformers because of its strength, affordability and low-maintenance design. Superior Concrete developed the new reinforced version after gunmen shot through a chain link fence surrounding a substation in California in 2013. In June, the Congressional Research Service, a think-tank for Congress, urged lawmakers to put regulations in place requiring greater physical security around electrical substations.

“Physical security is the most important issue facing the utility industry. An attack on a substation could leave thousands of people without power for weeks. We re-engineered Superior Fence™ in order to make it even stronger, and to provide an affordable, safe option to the market place,” said Superior Concrete Products Founder and President Todd Sternfeld. Superior is the only company in Texas to offer a bullet resistant precast concrete fence. Superior Fence™ is customizable and can be specified to exact size and color, making it an ideal product for other industries, including the residential market.

The test was performed by Close Focus Research, an independent ballistic testing company located in California. An engineer fired a .308 Winchester caliber, 7.62 NATO round from 30 feet away into a section of Superior Fence™, and the precast concrete section of material defeated the round. The test was a modified version of the UL 752 Level 5 Ballistic Standard set forth by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent agency setting safety standards for several industries.

About Superior Concrete Products
Superior Concrete Products,, engineers, manufactures and installs precast concrete walls, fences, structures and more for the substation, residential development and ranching industries. Founded in 1986, the company’s headquarters are based in Euless, Texas. The company wins bids internationally. Superior Concrete’s manufacturing facility is located in Cleburne, Texas, and is certified by the National Precast Concrete Association.

Where the Caribbean Sea meets the northern shore of Venezuela, a housing developer is utilizing Superior Concrete molds and technology to cost-effectively build interior and exterior walls of attractive single and multi-family homes.

Our strong, durable products are especially ideal for this tropical geography, where trade winds of great force are common. Superior’s unique formula is engineered to withstand wind, soil and thermal movements, as well as extreme weather conditions. Unlike conventional building materials, Superior Concrete Products won’t rot, decay, decompose, corrode, or succumb to insects or fire damage.

Our client, who received a license from Superior to manufacture these modular building systems, is benefiting from the molds and production equipment, all the standard operating procedures for engineering and installation, as well as assistance with production line start-up, operations, and consulting. For more information on becoming a Precast Concrete Innovator in your country, click on the International Opportunities tab above.

Texas-based precast concrete construction company has fresh look online

Superior Concrete Products, a Euless, Texas-based company that engineers, manufactures, and installs unique engineered precast concrete walls, fences, structures, and more for the substation, residential development, and ranching industries, launches a new website, “Superior Concrete Products became a leader in the precast industry through planned, strategic growth. We win bids all over the globe, and our new website communicates the benefits of our products, which are strong, long-lasting, beautifully designed, and different from everything else on the market place today,” said Superior Concrete Products Founder and President Todd Sternfeld.

The new website offers visitors a clean look with improved functionality and in-depth product details, new photography of recent projects, case studies that demonstrate the real world applications for precast concrete, and more. Architects, engineers, developers, general contracts and other prospective customers can view the wide variety of uses for precast concrete view the multiple color options and other customizable features available. Additionally, customer service representatives respond to customers in real-time via the site’s live chat function.

Sternfeld founded the company in 1986, and moved the company’s corporate offices to Euless in 1998. The manufacturing plant is located in Cleburne, TX. The company’s product list includes: Superior Brick™, Superior Board-on-Board™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, Superior Ledgestone™, Superior Rail™, Superior Stone Columns™, Superior Stucco™, Superior Wood Plus™, Recon™ Retaining Walls, Marina Blocks, Superior Security & Gates, Superior Buildings.

Our CEO, Todd Sternfeld is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Victory Therapy Center in Flower Mound. The Center blends equine therapy and compassionate counseling to heal and enable people of all ages and abilities. Todd approved a massive donation of Superior Concrete fencing to protect 30 horses and dozens of acres, as well as enough concrete paneling to build stables for a dozen horses.

The Victory Therapy Center offers therapy for mentally and physically challenged children and adults and for military veterans and their families. If you’ve ever wondered how equine therapy works, it does two things: Physically, the rolling motions of the horse’s hips and pelvis work like a therapy ball, but provide a much more dynamic surface that moves with the rider. This exercises all of the body’s core muscle groups. Psychologically, the horse acts as an emotional bridge through which trauma can be more easily treated, including PTSD. The horse provides a safe contact point for the counselees, and then counselors are able to build upon that trust by working in the outdoor environment with the patients and horses. We believe this is one of the area’s best charities, making a profound difference in the lives of over 2000 patients a year.

Builders, developers, architects, and engineers from Argentina to New Zealand were on hand in Las Vegas for the World Concrete Show. This was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the superior quality and versatility of our products.

It was also an ideal setting for discussing the licensing of our molds, equipment, business processes and systems with entrepreneurs from around the world. These people will be using Superior Concrete Products to revolutionize building processes in their respective countries. 40% of the leads we generated from the show were international!