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Concrete Goes Country

DALLAS/FORT WORTH Roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. The rustic cabins of yesterday, used by hunters and fishers everywhere, no longer need to rot in the wild’s harsh elements.

At least that’s what Superior Concrete Products owner and CEO Todd Sternfeld is trying to prove. On his property in Cleburne, which also houses his concrete plant, Sternfeld has built a 600-sf “ranchette.” The fully functional living space, complete with two bedrooms, one bathroom, living space, kitchen and patio, are mostly made out of his precast concrete products.

More “city-fied” than cinderblock, the precast concrete “brick,” “wood,” “stone” and interior finishes trick the eye as well as the elements – the sustainability of the product makes it hard to blow this house down. Plus, the ranchette’s high style just might turn campers into “glampers.”

“The house structure, columns supporting the porch, railing and the patio area are my product, and we used some on the inside as well,” Sternfeld says. “I tried to use the product as much as I could, and it’s been fun to use the product for other applications.”

Three years ago, Sternfeld built three units on the property with this in mind but only recently had time to fulfill his vision. Having already used his Euless factory as a sort of guinea pig for various precast concrete applications, he was eager to experiment on his Cleburne property, especially with the Chisolm Trail opening nearby.

“I actually submitted it as a creative project in a contest for the National Precast Concrete Association,” he says. “We used the precast product in so many different ways that I thought it would be worth the time. I’m curious to see what happens.”
Want an invitation? Well, as welcoming as the space is, Sternfeld says invites are hard to come by.

”I’ll have to think about that,” he laughs. “I have thought about doing free pony rides out there for the little kids just as a way of giving back; since there is a corral and horses out there, I thought that might be fun.”

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Superior Concrete Products is a full-service manufacturing and construction company that provides a complete range of NPCA-certified precast concrete building systems. –mjm