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Superior Concrete

Product Information


Todd and Lucky
Superior Concrete Products does more than design, engineer, manufacture and install beautiful steel-reinforced modular precast fences. The company also makes columns, mailbox posts, architectural embellishments, tiny houses, buildings, retaining walls, even furniture and interior décor – all out of precast concrete.

Product Information — An Industry Pioneer in Precast Construction

Product information is only a click away should you want to learn more about Superior Concrete Product merchandise.

For more than 30 years, Superior Concrete Products has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and constructing some of the most beautiful and durable precast concrete fences in the industry. We also manufacture a range of complimentary products that are designed to coordinate with the company’s lines of fencing which include Superior Stone Columns™, panel and post caps to match our fence textures, mailbox posts and mailboxes. Embellishments such as balustrade and lattice trim panels are also available.

Given our reputation for manufacturing high-quality modular precast merchandise, Superior Concrete Products does much more than build fences, sound barriers and retaining walls. Our modular post and panel fence systems can be used to construct buildings of all sizes, and with the launch of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses, these products are also used in the construction of housing for the emerging tiny home market. We have even added a new home and office décor product line which complements the other merchandise we manufacture.

Product Brochures

For those that want a closer look at the natural beauty and durability of a precast concrete fences and other products, we have created a number of brochures what are posted on-line for your review.

Superior Photo Gallery

Sometimes you just need to see photos of actual installations in order to appreciate the real beauty and durability of Superior Concrete Products fences, sound barriers, retaining walls and other prooducts. The gallery contains 100s of photos that showcase the natural finishes of our products in a wide variety of settings.


Modular precast concrete posts and panels can be configured to meet the specifications of any job, whether it is a fence, sound barrier, retaining wall, tiny house or building. See our Specifications page to learn more.


Precast concrete can be shaped or molded into an infinite number of building products, which makes this an amazing material for construction projects. Since concrete isn’t subject to rust, rot or damage from insects or animals, it is extremely durable. Even after decades of sun, wind and foul weather, precast concrete still maintains it attractive appearance year after year. Go to our Benefits page for more information.

Product Sustainability

Concrete is the most abundant building product on the planet, which also means that it is the most sustainable, and that is the reason that it is the most widely used construction material in the world. To understand the reasons behind concrete’s popularity, and why it is more sustainable than timber or metal, see our Product Sustainability page.