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Superior Concrete




Fence Installtion Specifications

Superior Concrete Products are experts in meeting  design specifications, engineering, manufacturing and installation of fences, sound barriers, retaining walls and building systems made of durable precast concrete.

Superior Customization for Fences and Landscaping

Specifications and technical expertise in the production of decorative steel-reinforced modular precast concrete make Superior Concrete Products a leader in the fence, sound barrier, retaining wall and building industry.  Since 1986, Superior Concrete Products, Inc. has manufactured and installed modular systems nationwide. Precast concrete fence and building components are produced using patented molding equipment and proprietary manufacturing techniques.

Known for strength and durability, modular precast concrete fences, barriers, retaining walls and building systems are resistant to wind, water and seismic movements. In addition, the fences, walls and buildings that Superior Concrete Products manufactures also prevent damage from fire, insects, animals and inclement weather. Specified by a growing number of professionals, the products made by Superior Concrete are preferred by a growing number of architects, residential and commercial builders, contractors, municipal and state governments, and other leaders in the construction industry.

Design Engineering

Every fence, sound barrier, retaining wall or building system is designed by the Superior Concrete Products professional engineering team to meet exacting design specifications. Go to Design Engineering to learn more.


The modular design of Superior Concrete Products precast post and panel systems makes installing a fence, sound barrier, retaining wall, building or other structure faster than using conventional methods. To learn more, see installations.

Technical Specifications


  1. Screening/Sound/Building wall systems and Split Rail fence systems.
  2. Decorative reinforced precast concrete modular component systems.
  3. Screening and sound walls include posts, panels and caps. Split rail fences include posts and rails.
  4. Precast concrete shall have a minimum compression strength of 5,000 psi @ 28 days.
  5. Fiberglas and steel reinforced components. All reinforcing steel shall conform to ASTM – A615, Grade 60. All ties and stirrups shall conform to the requirements of ASTM -A 615, Grade 40.
  6. Systems manufactured in integrally colored earth tones. Custom, white and premium colors are available.
  7. Systems are anchored to ground by poured concrete piers, 5′ on-center (wall systems) and 8′ on-center (SUPERIOR-FENCE and rail systems). A continuous foundation/footing running the length of the wall is not required.
  8. Method of post attachment to concrete footing/pier is by embedment in poured concrete. Depth of concrete pier and embedment of post are as shown on Shop Drawing.
  9. Pier depth varies with soil conditions, wind load and fence height.
  10. Loading: Wind loading and surcharge loads will be applied to the panels, columns, and foundation components per local building code requirements.


1. Wall System

  1. SUPERIOR-LEDGESTONE™, SUPERIOR-BRICK™ and SUPERIOR-WOOD PLUS™ wall systems with heights up to 30′.  SUPERIOR-FENCE wall system with heights up to 8′.
  2. Panels, posts and caps to have same texture on both sides.
    1. Superior Ledgestone™ stacked stone.
    2. Superior Brick™ classic brick.
    3. Superior Cobblestone™
    4. Superior Wood™ – horizontal lap-wood.
    5. Superior Fence™ – vertical or horizontal in a cedar look and texture.
    6. Superior Board-on-Board™ – vertical rough-cut cedar look.
    7. Superior Stucco™ – horizontal appearance of hand-troweled stucco.
    8. Reinforced with wire-mesh.
  3. Includes decorative textured panel caps and post caps (Superior Brick™ and Superior Cobblestone).
  4. Posts are set five feet apart (maximum). SUPERIOR-FENCE posts are set eight feet apart.
  5. Posts shall have a typical cross sectional dimension of 5′”as measured from face-to-face.
  6. Panels shall have typical dimensions of 56 3/4″ long by 12″ high by 1″ minimum thickness and 1 5/8″ maximum thickness.

2. Rail System:

  1. Superior 2-Rail™ (3′ high from grade to top of post), SUPERIOR 3-RAIL™ (4′ high from grade to top of post) and SUPERIOR 4-RAIL™ (5′ high from grade to top of post).
  2. Posts and rails have a wood look and texture on both sides.
  3. Posts are set eight feet apart (maximum).
  4. Posts have a typical cross sectional dimension of 5″ for standard posts and 6″ on plus-sized posts as measured from face-to-face.
  5. Rails have typical dimensions of 7′-10 3/4″ long by 5 1/2″ high by 2 1/4″ wide.
  6. Reinforced with rebar.


  1. Versatile – Variable heights as needed, and can be easily modified to meet a wide range of special requirements.
  2. Reliable High-performance precast concrete (5,000 psi @ 28 days).
  3. Durable – Engineered to last, with improved reinforcement.
  4. Quality – National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certified factory (only 60 factories in the US are similarly certified).
  5. Expertise – Prestressed/Precast Concrete Industry (PCI) Certified technical team.
  6. Assurance – Quality controlled manufacturing.
  7. Local Production – Manufactured in the USA.
  8. Strong – Repels the effects of wind, water, seismic movement, fire, insects, animals,
    decay and inclement weather.

Superior Ledgestone™ will have a new and improved tongue and groove panel interlocks, which may result in the appearance of grooves between panels.