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Superior Concrete

Perimeter Deterrent – Wiring

Perimeter Deterrent

Whenever protecting critical equipment is a priority, adding wiring to a Superior Concrete fence creates an impenetrable boundary around your property.

Superior Perimeter Deterrent Wire – An Effective Line of Defense

A perimeter deterrent added to your fence gives business owners and security-minded homeowners peace of mind knowing that they have installed a formidable wall of protection around their property. One of the best, and lowest cost, deterrents is wiring. Razor, concertina and barbed wire send a powerful message that make criminals or vandals think twice before attempting to steal or damage your property.

Perimeter Wire puts another layer of protection between you, your property and those intent on causing harm or destruction.
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Superior Perimeter Deterrent – Wiring Features
  • Privacy


    and Protection

  • Safety and Security


    and Safety

  • Custom Design



  • Durability


    and Durability

  • Maintenance


    Little to None