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Superior Concrete

Cooper Contractors

Cooper Contractors Perimeter Walls

The Challenges:

In 2000, Cooper Contractors began working with Superior Concrete Products to create perimeter walls around their subdivisions in Dallas. Our relationship began with a perimeter wall around their Casas Modernas in Oak Cliff.

For this initial project, Cooper Contractors sought a product that offered the natural beauty and texture of wood, but that would be more cost-effective in both the short and long run.

The Solutions:

Superior Concrete Products installed perimeter walls made using the Superior Wood building system around Casas Modernas. Cooper Contractors selected Superior Concrete Products because they didn’t want to use traditional wood that would require maintenance and decay after a few years. They wanted an affordable initial cost, and little-to-no maintenance cost in the long run.

The Results:

The Superior Wood product was delivered and installed at an affordable cost. It didn’t require an expensive concrete footing, which provided initial savings. It has held up extremely well, requiring no ordinary maintenance. The only time that work was ever required was when an automobile collided with the wall. Those repairs were inexpensive, easy, and took just a day – instead of the week it would have taken with wood, brick, or stone.

In numerous residential projects since, Cooper Contractors has relied on Superior for walls and fences that would provide the look of stucco, stone, and brick. The most recent was a several-million dollar estate on Royal Lane in Preston Hollow. We custom-designed a stucco wall system that has all of the ambience of stucco, with a more affordable installation and the long-term durability and reliability of precast concrete.

Simmie Cooper says “Superior Concrete Products is a great company to work with. They do what they say they’re going to do, on time and on budget. Their work is clean and neat, and they take care of the job site… truly professional.”