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Superior Concrete

Dominion Power

Dominion Power Shellhorn Substation Screening Wall

The Challenges:

In the Fall of 2013, Dominion Virginia Power needed an aesthetically pleasing screening wall to shield an upcoming commercial/residential development from being able to see the ground equipment, transformers, and circuit breakers at the Shellhorn Substation.

They needed a wall that would complement the planned aesthetics of the upcoming development, and needed a solution that would be maintenance-free, durable, and inexpensive to fix, if necessary.

The Solutions:

Superior Concrete Products installed a screening wall made with the Superior Stone building system around the Shellhorn Substation,
which screened the equipment from view.

The Results:

David Emigh of Dominion Virginia Power says “Superior Concrete has been an excellent vendor for this and other similar projects through the years. What I like about Superior is the modular sections that can be replaced easily if one gets damaged. I’ve had a really good experience with Superior as a vendor, as far as quality and workmanship of the product, as well as the support I’ve gotten with design and installation. I’ve had no maintenance issues with it at all. It was highly cost-effective, and we’ll be using Superior again in two months.” they’re going to do [it], on time and on budget. Their work is clean and neat, and they take care of the job site… truly professional.”