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Superior Concrete

Southlake Public Works

Water Tower Enclosure Walls

The Challenges:

In the summer of 2008, the chain link and barbed wire fence surrounding this Southlake water tower had become damaged with trees and shrubs growing into it. The plants were causing the fence to shift, slant, and become irregular. It was now out of compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Regulations.

The property was located next to a road which had just been revamped with a roundabout. As is common in Southlake, the roundabout used a brick and mortar retaining wall that the water tower enclosure walls would need to match.

The tower also required a sturdy gate that could be opened and closed several times a day, without causing strain on the surrounding fence. The mandate was that both the gate and fence had to be durable and low maintenance, while also being highly cost-effective.

The Solutions:

Southlake Public Works chose Superior Concrete precast concrete fences, stamped and painted before installation to closely match the look of the surrounding brick and mortar. The main column was steel reinforced to support the gate and the poles that support the precast fence sections.


The project was completed on time and within budget compared to the time and expense to build a traditional masonry wall. In the months after installation, Southlake Public Works reported no issues with the fence moving or settling. The fit between panels was tight, with no irregular gaps. Both the fence and the gate have proven windproof and weatherproof, with no signs of the wear and deterioration that would be common for brick and mortar enclosure walls and gates.