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Superior Concrete

Terra Bella Estate

Terra Bella Estate Equine Ranch and Riding Arena

The Challenges:

The Terra Bella Estate in St. Louis needed to enclose its vast property with a fence that would be cost-effective over the long run, look natural and attractive, and keep the horses in, without requiring upkeep. Toughness and durability were the primary concern. Horses are large, strong animals and they do often bump into the fences with speed and momentum during training sessions, or even on their own.

Terra Bella also needed a product that would prove easier to keep clean than vinyl, which attracts and shows dirt, and requires annual washings in the spring.

The Solutions:

Superior Concrete Products installed a 4 foot high – Superior 3 Rail Fence. Totaling about 800 feet around the entire property, 180’ x 80’ of the fencing created an arena for the horses and riders to train and perform.

The fence rails have the natural look of traditional cedar and blend in perfectly in the equine environment. With the rails set 8 feet apart, few people would ever guess they’re made of concrete. And of course, this product will endure for decades, outlasting several installations of wood – and requiring less maintenance over that time period.

The project was completed within days, and at a cost-effective price. There has been no settling or imperfections that needed work prior to the installation. And even though the horses do occasionally bump into the fence, the fence has proven tough and impact resistant.