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Precast concrete fence resists bullets yet is attractive

Superior Ballistics doubles the strength of Superior Concrete Products’ (SCP) solid barrier and fence panels, making them impervious to close-range fire from high-caliber ammunition. It is a product enhancement that strengthens and reinforces fencing for use at electric and gas utility substations, local government facilities and other security-minded public agencies.

The product is made of reinforced precast concrete. It protects vulnerable equipment, infrastructure projects and personnel from sniper bullets.

“With recent attacks on electrical substations in California and Arizona, protecting the nation’s power grid is a top priority for utility executives and government officials,” says Todd Sternfeld, founder and president of Superior Concrete Products. “And, at SCP, we recognized that the time had come to develop a new type of security fencing – one that fit seamlessly into the environment, yet engineered and designed to withstand the force of close-range fire arms without looking like a military bunker.”

The Superior Ballistics membrane hardens the precast concrete panels, making for a heavier, more bullet-resistant fence. Choose from custom finishes that take on the appearance of ledgestone, brick, or the deep wood-grain look of board-on-board or other traditional type of fencing textures.

The company’s ballistics-enhanced panel looks similar to the firm’s line of Superior Brick, Superior Cobblestone, Superior Stucco, or other solid fencing and barrier products.

Prior to launching Superior Ballistics, SCP subjected the new barrier to testing at a U.S.-based independent laboratory. Standing 30 feet from the test sample, an experienced testing technician fired a .308 Winchester caliber round from a high-powered rifle directly into a section of the reinforced Superior Fence panel. While the fence sustained damage, the bullet was unable to punch a hole through the fence — even at close range.

The product provides an affordable and safe option that can help utilities comply with the mandates issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, adds Sternfeld. “Utility companies across the country have chosen Superior Concrete Products to protect and screen electrical transformers because of the product’s strength, affordability and low-maintenance design.” The product can be customized to the exact size, color and texture needed by the customer.

Superior Concrete Products engineers, manufactures and installs precast concrete walls, fences, structures and other barrier systems for utilities, residential developments, golf courses and the farming/ranching industries throughout North America.