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Other Precast Products

Precast Products

Other Precast Products

At Superior Concrete Products, we manufacture a number of other products which complement our line of precast fencing.  Most recently, we’ve expanded our product lines to include a growing line of precast concrete furnishings and décor items.

Other Precast Products – Superior Customization for Fences, Landscaping and Décor

Other Precast Products are manufactured by Superior Concrete Products.  Today, we design and manufacture a number of other products that add a designer touch to our fencing, in addition to décor items that enhance your home, office and property.

To give our fences a distinctive custom look, Superior Concrete Products creates matching post and panel caps and copings. For a more sophisticated appearance, our Superior Stone Columns™ topped with their elegant panel caps add a touch of décor to any property.  Installing a  Superior Stone Mailbox to complement your fence and columns adds architectural interest to your landscaping and creates an impressive entrance to your property.

For people who prefer a traditional post for their mailboxes, those timber posts may seem functional, but after a few years, the wood starts to break down and look dilapidated. With Superior Mailbox Posts made out of strong and attractive Superior Rail™, damage from moisture and insects is a thing of the past, meaning that your mailbox will be standing straight and tall for years to come.

Superior Concrete Products also manufactures two popular architectural embellishments – Superior Lattice, a traditional lattice trim and the classic European Superior Balustrade, both of which are manufactured from beautiful, durable precast concrete. These trims give your fence a unique custom look that is guaranteed to stand out.

Another product that makes any fence decorative as well as functional is a mow strip.  Adding a concrete mow strip  controls weeds, keeps pets and other animals from digging under the fence, and makes for a more attractive base underneath any barrier or wall.

Home and office décor is the newest offering in the Superior Concrete Product line.  Precast concrete can be used to make furniture for home or office, counter-tops and even applied to walls as paneling and decorative siding.

Superior Concrete Products carries a full line of decorative posts, columns, architectural embellishments, fence accessories and even décor all made out of durable and attractive precast concrete.

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