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Good fences make good neighbors
Good fences make good neighbors.

An Industry Leader for Thirty+ Years

Products manufactured by Superior Concrete Products include an innovative line of steel-reinforced modular precast concrete merchandise. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and installs concrete fences, sound barriers, retaining walls, tiny houses, buildings and other precast products.

Fences and Sound Barrier Solutions
ReCon Retaining Wall

A manufacturer and installer of decorative precast concrete rails, fences, screening walls and sound barriers, Superior Concrete Products provides high-quality, cost-effective and maintenance-free solutions for privacy and protection. Consisting of beautiful yet strong integrally colored steel-reinforced modular precast panels, posts and caps that feature a unique texture on both sides, our fences withstand wind, soil and seismic movements. See our Fences & Sound Barrier Solutions page to learn more.

Superior Security Enhancements

Should you need a privacy fencing to safeguard your home, or a sophisticated security barrier which features a gated entry, surveillance system, special lighting, deterrent wiring and perimeter monitoring to secure your business, Superior Concrete Products has the solution to secure your property. Go to Superior Security Enhancements to get more information.

ReCon™ Retaining Walls

Manufactured of solid precast concrete, ReCon™ Retaining Blocks offer a superior alternative for those looking for a faster, stronger and more cost-effective retaining wall solution. Customized to match the aesthetics of your property or project, Recon blocks can be built up to 22-feet high without reinforcing geogrid, and up to 36-feet with reinforcement. To learn more see ReCon™ Retaining Walls.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Designed for people who want to live large in a small foot-print, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co. – builds beautiful homes out of solid steel-reinforced concrete, customized to your preferences and budget. Go to Superior Concrete Tiny Houses to get more information, or visit to learn more.

Modular Buildings & Stables

Modular steel-reinforced precast concrete panels can be used to build structurally sound buildings or houses of any size – large or small. These structures can be erected in a fraction of the time and expense required to build with conventional materials. We have constructed barns, dumpster enclosures, storage buildings, full-size homes, office buildings, sheds, utility buildings, warehouses and stables to name a few. Visit our Modular Buildings & Stables page to learn more.

Other Products

In addition to rail fencing and modular privacy panels, Superior Concrete Products designs and manufactures a growing line of complimentary accessories and fence-related products that give your fence a custom look and feel. Currently, we offer Superior Stone Columns™, Superior Stone Mailboxes in addition to architectural embellishments such as Superior Lattice and Superior Balustrade. Look at our Other Products page for more information.