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Superior Concrete

Superior Fence™

Superior Fence

Offering the natural, comforting look of traditional rough cut cedar Superior Fence™captures the texture in precast concrete and a Superior Fence lasts a lifetime.

The Look of Rich Textured Wood with Superior Strength and Longevity

For those that want the traditional look of cedar plank fencing, Super Fence™ duplicates the appearance and feel of genuine timber in precast concrete. These fence panels are set 7 feet 7 inches on-center from post to post, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Superior Fence post are made of high-strength steel-reinforced concrete with wood texture on the front and back sides of each post and panel.

Ideal for residential or commercial installations, Superior Fence™ adds value and curb appeal to any property.
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Superior Fence™ Features
  • Superior Fence Texture


    Wood Both Sides

  • Height


    6’ to 8’ Vertical

  • Posts


    7′ 7″ Between

  • Vertical Alignment


    Horizontal & Vertical

  • Color Choices



  • Maintenance


    Little to None

  • Engineered


    Built To Spec

  • No Heavy Equipment Needed

    Heavy Equipment

    Not Required

  • Soil Conditions

    Soil Conditions

    Geo Considerations

  • Attractive