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Superior Concrete

Superior Wood Plus™

Wood Plus

Wood Plus

Featuring a shiplap design with two boards on one side and three boards on the other, Superior Wood Plus™  looks and feels like timber, only this wood plus product is made of steel-reinforced precast concrete.

The Classic Look of Timber Shiplap Duplicated in Superior Wood Plus™

Wood Plus may look like timber, but our Superior Wood Plus™ product line is made of steel-reinforced precast concrete.  Superior Concrete Products includes the visual detail of wood grain – along with the exceptional reliability and cost-effectiveness found only in concrete.  The intricate details of Superior Wood Plus™ remain the same for decades, and with integral color, the product is maintenance-free. When the advantages of building with precast concrete is compared to timber,  you would have to install and replace wood several times over, only to watch it corrode, decompose, crack, burn, become damaged by animals or eaten by termites.

The visual appeal of wooden shiplap is captured in durable precast concrete, and with Superior Wood Plus™ the beautiful wood plus texture will last a lifetime.
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Superior Wood Plus™ Features
  • Wood Plus Texture


    Wood Both Sides

  • height


    1’ to 30’

  • posts


    5′ Between

  • Horizontal alignment


    Horizontal & Vertical

  • Color choices



  • maintenance


    Little to None

  • engineered


    Built To Spec

  • No heavy equipment needed

    Heavy Equipment

    Not Required

  • soil conditions

    Soil Conditions

    Geo Considerations

  • attractive