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Superior Concrete

Superior Security Enhancements


Security Enhancements

Many commercial and residential customers want to add security features to their steel-reinforced modular precast fencing. Superior Concrete Products offers a wide range of Superior Security Enhancements to give them the protection they need.

Superior Security Enhancements Protect Homes and Businesses

Enhancements that further safeguard the security of your home and business are of utmost importance to many people. A Superior Concrete Products steel-reinforced perimeter fence provides an unprecedented level of security, however, we offer a full range of the most advanced security features and services.

In the case of homeowners who want to add security products and services to their  perimeter fencing, customized gates with access control features are available. Other security features include lighting packages, cameras, motion detectors and glass breaks — all customized to fit the needs of safety-minded homeowners.  Home automation services can also be included in a security enhancement package.  Programmed to work in conjunction with an alarm system, home automation systems can turn lights, sound systems, appliances and HVAC systems on and off at the touch of a button.

Commercial customers need an even higher level of security. In addition to the features popular among residential customers, security-minded businesses, utility providers and municipalities look to sturdy screening fences, high-tech gates, access control systems, perimeter deterrents, such as razor, barbed or other type of wiring — even ballistics resistant products to protect their assets. In fact, Superior Concrete Products was the first company to introduce Superior Ballistics, which is a special membrane embedded within a decorative precast panel to make it resistant to high-powered rifle fire.

Commercial and residential customers can rely on Superior Concrete Products to provide a customized solution to protect their property.
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