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Superior Concrete


The Installation Teams at Superior Concrete Products are experts when it comes to building fences and walls that go up fast, while looking as beautiful as they are strong.

Superior Installation Teams Build Modular Fences Fast

Installation of concrete fencing requires a higher level of expertise than typical fence construction. Modular precast concrete is stronger and more durable than any other type of fencing, sound barriers or retaining walls, and the Superior Concrete Products teams are experts when it comes to fast and clean installations.

A turnkey service provider, Superior handles all aspects of the installation process from permits to post holes to clean-up — nationwide. Posts are set into piers drilled five feet apart for most of our fences, and posts are then aligned, leveled and anchored in concrete footings similar to other types of fence posts. Precast panels are inserted into the post tracks with the interlocking panels stacked on top of one another in one-foot increments – reaching a height of 30 feet on some commercial fences.

Building a fence or retaining wall is worry-free when the Superior Concrete Products Installation Professionals are on the job.Contact Us