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Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

The Original Concrete Tiny House Co.

Tiny Houses

With an external structure composed of steel-reinforced modular precast panels, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses™ gives homeowners a choice of exterior textures that duplicate the warm natural appearance of wood, stucco, brick or stone.  Exceptionally strong and attractive, our tiny homes are built to last.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – A New Lifestyle with Superior Home Construction

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is introducing an innovative line of precast concrete tiny homes. The popularity of the Tiny House market has taken the construction world by storm. This past year, Superior Concrete Products began introducing an innovative concept in home design, and started a new company – Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co.  These tiny dwellings, homes or work-spaces have a variety of functions, and are referred to by a number of names.  Some tiny homes are called a man-cave, meditation suite, artist studio, compact home office, private guest room, she-shed, granny pod, grandparent’s getaway, in-law quarters, parent apartment, hunting shelter, lake house, country retreat, portable tailgate trailer, mini game-room, playhouse, clubhouse, caretaker cottage, getaway cabin, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), extra living space, relocatable exercise room or simply, a portable addition to your home or property.

Customizable by design, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses are built using our steel-reinforced modular concrete panels, which streamlines construction time,  yet yields a home with a structure that is extraordinarily strong. With natural-looking exterior finishes such as Superior Wood™. Superior Brick™, Superior Cobblestone™, Superior Fence™, Superior Ledgestone™, Superior Rail™ or Superior Stucco™ — these attractive panels duplicate the rich look of brick, stone, stucco or wood on traditional homes.

With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing decorative precast products, Superior Concrete makes the panels for the strong exterior walls, and we can even provide blueprints for your new tiny house.Our design team puts you in charge of the customization and finish of your tiny home.  We can build a turnkey custom concrete home for you, or for those that want to finish the interior, Superior Concrete can construct the shell (base, walls and roof), as another option.  Built to fit the needs of each homeowner, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses can even be put your home on wheels, making it possible to park or move from location to location whenever needed.

With precast concrete, the only limitation to the size, design, function and appearance of a Superior Concrete Tiny Home is your imagination.

The new Superior Concrete Tiny Houses website is coming soon. Currently, we can ship and install our Superior Concrete Tiny Houses anywhere in North America and the Caribbean. For more information contact 817-277-9255 and ask for a Tiny House specialist for more information, or to obtain a quote.

Superior Concrete Products manufactures a line of tiny homes under its affiliate company Superior Concrete Tiny Houses. For more information:

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Tiny Houses
Superior Concrete Tiny Houses Features
  • Texture

    Tiny Houses Texture

    Natural Finishes

  • Engineered


    Custom Engineered

  • Color



  • Maintenance


    Little to None

  • Engineered


    Built To Spec

  • No Heavy Equipment Needed

    Heavy Equipment

    Not Required

  • Attractive



  • Strength and Durability


    and Durability