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Superior Concrete

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Customers in a wide range of industries need maintenance-free fences, sound barriers and retaining walls that look good and last.  Superior Concrete Products works closely with key decision-makers in the construction industry. Providing valuable guidance and expertise, the company produces some of the most cost-effective modular precast building systems in the industry.


When it comes to attractive and durable fencing, sound barriers and retaining wall projects, Architects and other customers specify and recommend Superior Concrete Products for a wide variety of municipal, residential, commercial, and governmental applications.


Durability and design build options along with excellent customer service is the reason Engineers work with Superior Concrete Products throughout each phase of construction from design engineering to manufacturing and installation.

general contractor
General Contractors | Builders

As more General Contractors, Builders and other customers incorporate modular precast concrete into a wide variety of commercial, residential and government projects, they recognize the benefits of working with an experienced and reliable company that can be counted on to deliver products on time and on budget.

residential develops and home owners
Residential Developers

Modular precast concrete made by Superior Concrete Products can be used by Residential Developers in every phase of their home building projects because of the beauty, cost-effectiveness, stability and longevity of the company's sound barriers, retaining walls, and fences.

Homeowners Associations

Neighborhoods pay Homeowners Association (HOA) dues and fees each month for special assessments to maintain or improve the aesthetic appeal of their subdivision. HOAs appreciate the strength, durability, and attractive appearance of Superior Concrete Products fences and retaining walls because they are maintenance-free and increase property values.

Commercial Property Developer
Commercial Property Developers

The visual appeal and cost savings of building with modular precast makes Superior Concrete Products fencing and retaining wall systems the preferred choice for commercial property developers that need to screen, enclose, protect and enhance the appearance of commercial properties.

Government State and Federal
Federal | State Government Procurement

Superior Concrete Products contracts with federal and state government officials to protect and secure various facilities including military bases, administration buildings and other government properties.

Municipal Governments

When it comes to protecting citizens or screening hazardous equipment from view, Municipal Governments turn to Superior Concrete Products for fencing, screening walls, sound barriers and retaining walls to enclose utility installations, parks, golf courses, trails, and other public facilities.

Equine Facilities

Serving the needs of equine facilities and their owners, Superior Concrete Products manufactures durable concrete split rail fencing -- also known as horse-keeping fences -- that blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings while protecting estates, horses and other large animals.


Durable fences and walls that are designed to last for decades, is the reason farmers pick Superior Concrete Products precast panels to construct barns and other buildings. Impervious to weather and insect damage, concrete panels and split rail fencing is the perfect complement on any farm.


Nothing can beat Super Concrete Products precast split rail fencing when it comes to tough, impact-resistant enclosures that protect cattle, buffalo and other large livestock while enhancing the natural beauty of any ranch and surrounding property.

utility and substation
Utility Operators

Commercial utilities and municipal co-ops use Superior Concrete Products fencing to create substation screening walls and effective sound barriers while safely enclosing valuable equipment and property.

Telecom Companies

Sound barriers and screening walls designed, manufactured and installed by Superior Concrete Products protect telecom facilities and the equipment of other customers from intrusion, while shielding the view critical communications equipment from nearby residents.

International Entrepreneurs

Precast concrete molds, manufacturing and business systems tare licensed by Superior Concrete Products to entrepreneurs and organizations around the world who want to introduce innovative modular concrete building methods to their countries.