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Superior Concrete

Substations, Telecom and Utilities


Utilities and companies that operate electrical substations, telecommunication installations or oil & natural gas pumping equipment use precast fencing from Superior Concrete Products to safeguard  and screen unsightly and dangerous machinery.

Substations, Telecom and Utilities Protect Equipment with
Superior Concrete Products Fences

Substations, telecom and utility operators depend on Superior Concrete Products to install screening, sound barriers, enclosures and security fencing around their facilities. Superior precast screening barriers are preferred because it lasts longer than competing fencing, and constructions costs are much lower due to the fast and easy installation of modular panels versus other types of conventional materials. More importantly, a solid wall of precast concrete protects critical equipment, and each substation fence is custom engineered in meticulous detail to meet the exact specifications and safety standards of the utility. Better yet, a Superior steel-reinforced precast concrete fence requires no maintenance – even with heavy industrial use.

Walls made of steel-reinforced precast concrete protect the electrical grid and other vital utility installations.
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Why Substations, Telecoms and Utilities Choose Superior Concrete Products:
  1. We customize or custom-design building systems to meet specific requirements.
  2. Modular precast construction makes our products more cost-effective.
  3. Our products satisfy the requirements of local building ordinances.
  4. We meet stringent requirements for wind load, soil conditions, and wall height.
  5. Assist in presentations to  satisfy the concerns of city councils, zoning, and planning boards to demonstrate product code compliance..

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Superior Benefits for Substations Telecom and Utilities
  • No Maintenance Required

    No Maintenance


  • Custom Engineered



  • Security and Safety

    Security / Safety